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My Digital Altitude alternative – Cant afford RISE? You’re not alone!

Last updated on August 10, 2019

So, you got sucked in and hooked on the Aspire Digital Marketing System by Digital Altitude but realised you can’t afford $2197 after Step 6? Your not alone! Check out my digital altitude alternative!

I will also mention now that I am NOT an affiliate of Digital Altitude HOWEVER this is only due to the fact that I cannot afford to take the $2197 plunge to upgrade to RISE. I do however plan to revisit the program after I have raised the capital to do so.

My immediate plan right now is to make the money I need to do Digital Altitude (DA) from multiple other online sources which don’t require the massive investment upfront. I’m going to be using my matched betting technique to finance ¬£1000+ a month and also my new found Digital Altitude alternative ‘The Six Figure Mentors’ (SFM).

Digital Altitude VS Six Figure Mentors

The SFM online business system is nothing to be sniffed at, it is run by a young British chap called Stuart Ross who is alive with enthusiasm and seems to appeal to me more than Michael Force (CEO of DA). Stuart was a former real estate agent (like myself) and has the same taste in shoes as me (Converse ftw!) and again is British hence why he strongly appeals to myself.

SFM is very similar to DA in the respect that it is effectively affiliate marketing access to an education based digital online business system. However where it differs to DA is that you don’t have to purchase¬†a massive top tier product like Apex for $28,000 to be able to sell it for a commission. This means that you get just crack on and get to work doing what you do best and making some money with the huge initial outlay!

Don’t get me wrong though I’m more pulled towards the owner of SFM, the initial training videos are more in depth and higher quality. However I still find myself gravitating towards DA as the earning potential is higher along with the conversions. However if you want somewhere to start for less The Six Figure Mentors site is the place to be!

Typical Earnings with Digital Altitude
Example Earnings with Digital Altitude!
Example Earnings with Digital Altitude!
Real Earnings with Digital Altitude Alternative
Real Earnings from SFM (My Digital Altitude alternative)
Real Earnings from SFM (Credit: The Lifestyle Team;

Click here to find out more about SFM and get started today!

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