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My first week matched betting – Week 1

Last updated on August 10, 2019

So if you’ve read my first post about matched betting you’ll be aware that I have taken the plunge on this journey alongside you guys, and here’s how my first week went!

Week 1

I did all the training courses and watched all of the introductory videos on Profit Accumulator and then got started on the ‘Signup Offers‘. Please note I am starting this with a £100 starting float (the higher you can afford the better) but £50-100 is the lowest you can really start with.

In total I managed to do 7 Signup Offers to tune of £114.92 profit! Not bad for a total of around 20-30 minutes work over the course of 4 days actual betting.

My plan is to leave as much money in Betfair (exchange) as possible to help me lay bigger bets or more bets at once, and any money I make in profit at this stage I will be leaving in Betfair to help me make more money, faster each week.

After doing some reading online, the absolute pro’s that are making in excess of £1500+ a month recommend a float of £2500 so that’s my aim, this will allow me to make EVEN MORE MONEY, EVEN FASTER.

At this early stage I would highly recommend that you make a list of reasons as to why you are starting matching betting and also set some goals of what you aim to earn whilst doing it. This approach will help motivate you to carry on each day as making £15 on a matched bet doesn’t seem like a lot but when you look at it in the bigger picture its a whopping £500 a month / £6000 a year!? Can you afford to not take this ‘free money‘?!

I have personally set my 12 month goal at £12,000 which will help me to pay off any debts and also buy me a few nice holidays and help me to save for the deposit to buy my first house. Put simply you could swap 30 minutes of your time each day for a year in exchange for the deposit to buy a house!

My plan for week 2 is to beat this figure of £114.92 by 50% – So can I achieve over £172.38 in week 2? Stay tuned for next weeks instalment!


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