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Week One Results with Huel

Just checking in with my week one results with Huel.

It’s my first week in and I seem to have lost some weight (maybe beginners luck). But so far I’ve only replaced my main ‘issue meal’ at work with Huel and introduced a healthier breakfast of overnight oats made with soy milk to give me that morning boost.

I did however manage to go for 3 walks after my dinner in the evening at home totalling 22.43 km according to Strava.

Mentally i’m not able to introduce running back into my life just yet, maybe a few weeks?

The hardest part about this first week was the 2nd to 5th days, i was light headed and feeling awful, but from cutting out most of my sugar intake this is expected, as I’m starting to feel MUCH better now.

My plan for this week ahead is to carry on doing the same, do a few walks and keep increasing my water intake. Also I must add that laying off the snacks during the day will now be a lot easier for me considering the weight I’ve lost as I want this to continue.

My week one results with Huel are:

Starting Weight:  171.6 lbs

Current Weight:  164.6 lbs

Weekly Weight Loss:  7 lbs

Total Weight Loss:  7lbs

If you are at all interested in trying Huel for yourself, please use this link to get £10 off your first order. FULL TRANSPARENCY: This will also give me £10 off my next order (with no extra cost to you, so help a brother out). Also if you do try it out, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Also if you want to read about other peoples health with Huel, head over to the Huel Forum. Further to that, if your interested in making passive income online then check out some of my other articles.

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