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Why I changed my name, Goodbye The Cyber Vagabond

Last updated on August 28, 2019

For those that don’t follow me on Instagram you’ll be wondering why I changed my name. Goodbye The Cyber Vagabond. Hello Simon Whipps.

So I’ve decided to re-brand myself from The Cyber Vagabond to my real name Simon Whipps. I have done this on all my online spaces including Instagram, where I pretty much live. YouTube which I now have over 1350 subscribers and growing fast. Twitter, Facebook & this very website (if you got redirected from my old site don’t worry, it’s still me!


Some of you might be thinking, WHY?! The main one reason is that The Cyber Vagabond had real meaning to me a few years ago when I started. The very name itself told you all about me. I had dreams of building my online passive income to the level where I could be completely location independent. Travelling the world as I go, country to country. The reality is, that just isn’t me anymore and I can’t keep pushing forward without being transparent to all you guys that have supported me along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, if your dream is to make passive income online and use it as a means to travel the world please stay tuned. Its not that you can’t, its just that I’ve changed as a person. If I’m helping you to achieve this goal PLEASE do let me know. I love nothing more than to admire the success of others. This past few years I found my real passion, teaching. If what I do here on this blog / YouTube is helping others achieve what they want in life then I will continue doing this forever.

So, why the change of heart about travelling?! A few years ago I met my partner Emma, since then we’ve made our own little family that couldn’t be anymore perfect. So if settling down with our own little piece of land to call home is what i want, it is what I will do. Travelling will still be something we do as regularly as work allows, but the backpacking lifestyle has passed us by.

The Future

If your still wanting content on building passive income streams online then your in luck. My content is going to be more regular and more diverse. I wont be focused completely on Amazon FBA Books. I will be teaching you about other passive income streams I am knowledgeable on. Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, Shopify, Blogging to name a few.

Thank you

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone that has supported me along this journey. Like all entrepreneurs I’ve encountered a lot of failures, and less successes. But that is part of the journey. It makes you stronger. It reveals our abilities. Not only is it inspiring to ourselves, but others as well. Remember failure is better than regret.

I will sincerely miss The Cyber Vagabond.

Simon Whipps - The Cyber Vagabond

Until next time, keep hustling!

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